Asked Questions

Why Pressure Wash?

Do you live in Winston-Salem, King, Rural Hall, Clemmons, or any surrounding area?  Home pressure washing services are the best way to maintain your largest investments. Dirt, grime, mildew, and algae build up over time and leave your home, driveway, sidewalks, patios and decks unsightly. Maintaining your home and business with regular pressure washing can greatly increase the longevity of your property.

Direct Hit comes prepared with the very best in professional equipment and products to tackle any of your pressure washing needs.

Pressure Washing vs Soft Washing?

A pressure washer is used for cleaning; however, a soft washing technique is used to avoid possible damage to the surface. A soft wash incorporates special low pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing gun or wand.

Direct Hit knows exactly what combination and nozzle extensions to use to achieve the proper pressure, volume and chemical mixture to clean all surfaces thoroughly, effectively and safely.

Why Use a Professional?

Pressure washing can quickly become overwhelming without proper experience. The surface, cleaning product, pressure and type of pressure washer you are using all play a vital role in how clean your surface will get.
High pressure can wreak havoc on your home’s surfaces. Without proper training, you can rip the siding off a home, etch a deck causing permanent damage or injury can be caused if high pressure touches skin or clothing.

Direct Hit’s commercial pressure washer machine will properly distribute and dilute chemicals during pre-rinse, and apply the proper volume/pressure ratio for the appropriate surfaces.

What Chemicals are Used?

The surface being cleaned will determine what chemical will be used. How dirty the surface is will determine how much chemical will be used.

Direct Hit combines its soft washing with environmental friendly chemicals that remove the biological elements (mold, algae, pollen, dirt, moss) and other stains without damaging surfaces on your home or killing your plants.

Why Clean Concrete?

Concrete cleaning is as much protection as it is aesthetic. Pressure washing concrete removes built up dirt and grime. Pressure washing and cleaning concrete can also help prevent a slippery surface. Concrete can become a breeding ground for mildew. This is especially important around swimming pools, fountains and ponds.

Direct Hit uses equipment specifically designed to quickly and evenly clean concrete and brick surfaces.

What is the Cost?

Direct Hit specializes in house washing in Winston-Salem, Clemmons, Kernersville, and surrounding areas.

Estimates are based on how much time it takes to complete the job, and by the size of the area to be cleaned. Call us or email us for a free estimate.


You Clean Tombstones?

Yes. Direct Hit offers a professional gravestone and headstone cleaning service.  We clean all types of stone including marble, granite and limestone monuments, sculptures and headstones, restoring their natural beauty.

Over time, headstones become dirty and develop hard to clean deposits of dirt, mold, mildew, and algae.  All of this contributes to the deterioration of the stone, so if cleaned off, it is going to help the stone last longer.

We use a biodegradable cleaner that is ph neutral and contains no salts, bleach or acids. We never use sandblasting, bleach or other harmful cleaning methods.