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Professional Commercial Cleaning in Winston-Salem, NC

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Direct Hit Pressure Washing provides professional exterior power washing services for commercial properties in Winston-Salem and the surrounding areas. Our services include cleaning of exterior walls, exterior gutters, roofs, sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, brick surfaces, and much more.


No building stays clean over the course of years and decades. Dirt, moss, mildew and algae can all leave stains and discolorations on the surface of your business’ siding. These problems can be frustrating, not to mention damaging to your property value. Stains can leave visitors and potential buyers with a poor impression of your property and maintenance practices. Whether you are trying to sell your business, or just simply beautify the structure, cleaning your exterior walls on a regular basis can help ensure that your building looks its best.


Fast, Effective and Safe Commercial Pressure Washing Services in Winston-Salem, NC

At Direct Hit Pressure Washing we use safe and effective methods to clean your building’s exterior!

  • Effective cleaning solutions – Our cleaning solutions are designed to rid your building of the most difficult to kill exterior organisms. Whether your siding is stained by mold, mildew or dirt, our cleansers can help your outer walls look its best.
  • Healthier conditions – Mold and mildew on the outside of your building can lead to mold and mildew on the inside. In addition, a coating of mold or algae on the outside can affect your building’s breath-ability. Getting rid of the mold helps ensure that your property is safe from mold and safe for your employees, clients and customers.
  • Building stability – Mold and mildew can lead to wood rot and other structural problems. Getting rid of unsightly mildew stains is helps to ensure that your property is safe from these issues.


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Why Hire a Professional Power Washing Company in Winston-Salem, NC?

Different types of siding require different washing methods. Most owners have neither the tools, the time nor the professional knowledge it takes to ensure that their business is cleaned properly, especially when using a power washer. Used incorrectly, pressure washers can strip your property of its paint or may damage your building’s exterior walls. The Direct Hit Pressure Washing team has been completely trained and are experienced in handling all different types of surfaces. Whether your building’s exterior is made from bricks, vinyl siding, wood or other materials, we will clean your walls and surfaces safely and effectively.

What is The Best Time to Get Started?

Knowing when soft pressure washing is necessary can prevent stains from becoming problematic. Letting the problem build up can lead to a more expensive cleaning bill and potentially permanent damage. This is when we recommend getting pressure washing services for your business:

  • When it is time to sell. Cleaning the exterior of your business when it is time to sell can boost curb appeal and lead to a faster sale.
  • When washing your siding with the garden hose doesn’t work. If you have already tried washing your building’s outer walls with a standard garden hose and it is not working, contact us.
  • When stains start to build up.If your business is stained, seek help from pressure washing professionals.


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